About Us

Hi there! I'm Beth, the maker mama behind Perfectly Paisley. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband of 14 years and our littles... Ryder (9) Paisley (8) & Stella (3).  

After losing our 3rd child Gibson at 3.5 months and having our 4th babe Stella Wren in 2014 I began the handmade baby adventure. It gave me a creative outlet and a way to provide extra for our family.  And it took off MUCH faster than expected.  I love designing & creating for your little ones. Seeing their sweet smiling faces in something I created is the joy of this job. As of now this is a one woman operation... With lots of help from my amazing husband. Sometimes my sweet mom helps me sew & prep for shows and my oldest daughter Paisley (thus the name!) loves to help me tag things and is learning to sew herself. I love doing shows and meeting you amazing customers.  I'm a busy mom so I'm often drinking lots of coffee, dropping off packages between pick-up lines, sewing or dreaming up ideas during naptime or the extra late hours of the night.  
My goal is to make trendy, adorable handmade items that you love to put your babes in.  We offer sales and promotions to make it easier to shop small.   Our turnaround times is usually between 2-4 weeks (check our current time) but everything is
perfectly handmade with love.
By shopping small you are supporting families here in the USA that are dreaming & making a way for their family. You're helping mamas stay home with their babies, helping kids go to ballet or soccer, putting food on a table... and maybe even paying their electric bill.