Maven Gold Chain Necklace

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If you're trying to layer your necklaces, this cuban necklace is perfect for you! It hangs just a little longer at 19" so you can accomplish the trendy look and it has a fun square toggle clasp! You’ll love having this waterproof, tarnish resistant necklace in your jewelry collection.

18K Gold Plated Stainless steel || Gold Plated || Hypoallergenic || Tarnish Free

Béljoy is currently committed to building homes for women and their families in Haiti and investing in children's education.  The Haitian people have changed our lives, showing us that true joy, despite circumstance, can only come from Jesus. That joy inspires the name Béljoy: BÉL means beautiful in Haiti's native language of Creole. The Haitians’ glad hearts are beautiful and their faces are a clear reflection of the JOY they have.

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